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  1. Harbs
  2. Harry
    Harry Wenor Milk
    1. Wenor Milk
      Wenor Milk
      rupp fan?
      Jan 17, 2018 at 10:49 PM
  3. Ava Skiller
    Ava Skiller
    Currently going for 99 Firemaking :)
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  4. Cygnus
    I miss you guysh
    1. Tim Riggins
      Tim Riggins
      play again u sexy fuck
      Jan 14, 2018
    2. Joshie
      Baby come back
      Jan 14, 2018
    3. Tim Riggins
  5. 9qs Fiance
    9qs Fiance
    900k til 98 cooking. :)
  6. Bert is Fat
    Bert is Fat
    Well, I decided to bang out 99 Firemaking. Now I really don't know what I'm going to go for next. :/
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    2. Dig
      Jan 12, 2018
  7. Bryan
  8. examine egg
    examine egg
    First 99 completed :D Woo 99 farming.
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    2. Dig
      Nice dude!
      Jan 11, 2018
  9. A2B pdrohx69
    A2B pdrohx69
    Uptempo is the tempo <3 #sjammienators
  10. Bert is Fat
    Bert is Fat
    Welp I finally hit 99 woodcutting. No luck on that beaver though. Oh well, maybe one day. :) Not sure what 99 I'm going for next.
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    2. Tim Riggins
      Tim Riggins
      gz, dw im also beaverless post 99
      Jan 6, 2018
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    3. Exp
      Gratz !
      Jan 6, 2018
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  11. Bryan
    Happy new year everyone c:
  12. John
    Trying To Not Die.
  13. James C
    James C
    Happy new year all!
  14. iamOxy07
    Happy new years eve everyone :D
  15. Catherby
    Too bad Twitch didn't think to make affiliate automated until this month. Got a sub button in 1 week, 3 subscribers yesterday. :)
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    2. Dig
      OMG, nice work!
      Dec 22, 2017
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    3. Catherby
      Thanks. Now just to rebuild where I left off before they banned us gold swappers. 923 followers :P
      Dec 25, 2017
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    4. Dig
      Still gonna try and swap?
      Dec 26, 2017
  16. king lear
    king lear
    running to 200m AGI xp
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    2. Catherby
      at which location?
      Dec 19, 2017
    3. Dig
      Dec 19, 2017
  17. Isaac Barbosa
    Isaac Barbosa Kozmic Blues
    alright awesome ty!!
  18. Isaac Barbosa
    Isaac Barbosa Kozmic Blues
    hey checkin to see when ur coming online, so I can collect the comp reward :D "first stage"
    1. Kozmic Blues
      Kozmic Blues
      I gave all the money I was holding to Jay. Tim is also holding a decent amount. You can check who is holding prize money on the competetion thread.
      Dec 14, 2017
    2. Tim Riggins
      Tim Riggins
      Sorry I have been busy with work, I am home tomorrow and will be waiting for you baby
      Dec 14, 2017
  19. Bvcket
  20. 1theboy