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    zSkillers Where are you from?

    Hello Z Community, Today the Almighty J95 asked me a question: So, i don't know how to do this, but i'll make a poll i guess? After i gather plenty of stats i'll make a 'pie chart' or a worldmap ting with BI Dashboard.
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    Don't do One Small Favor until confirmed bug.

    I thought it was fixed, not sure though.
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    zSkillers Staff Roles & Duties

    Oh lol, didnt expect that haha
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    zSkillers Staff Roles & Duties

    Inb4 kozmic on list
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    zSkillers Staff Roles & Duties

    I never knew dig was incognito
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    Trolling in this cc moderated or is trolling accepted?

    Well i must admit that sometimes people ask really simple questions.. or just some basic things.. and i am willing to answer them, but it gets annoying sometimes. Like ive done research myself aswell. It's not bad to look things up for yourself once in a while. Ofcourse you can ask other players...
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